5 Minutes With Yogi Spirit Emma Ceolin

8/03/2017 4:52 PM

Meet Emma Ceolin - this Yogi mermaid from Byron Bay overcame depression and is now living her dream of teaching yoga, surfing and living a life of authenticity by the sea. She is positive, open minded and one of a kind. Emma took us (and our Amethyst Sea tights) on a journey around stunning Byron Bay. This free spirited, vegan warrior is a genuine soul who was kind enough to share her wisdom and inspired us for both physical and mental wellness..


How did you find the courage to begin a new life of teaching yoga, surfing, diving and so much more in beautiful Byron Bay?
Starting over was the best decision of my life. I had reached a point where I was incredibly unhappy with my path and I was so afraid to choose a new one. I then realised I was living a life based on fear so it’s no wonder I didn’t want to live it! I made the conscious decision to choose love over fear, happiness over heartache, and balance over chaos. I made the decision to say yes to anything that nourished my soul and simply dropped anything that no longer served me. I ceased toxic relationships, quit modelling, quit drugs, quit smoking, quit alcohol, quit meat, quit dairy and quit my job. I tried a lot of new things, even if I didn’t think they would be for me. I travelled, volunteered and found passion with yoga, surfing and diving. I also fell in love with Byron Bay. Starting over was scary and being vulnerable was petrifying. But it was also the beginning of a dream life. I found courage knowing there was the possibility of happiness. 
You have been very open and authentic about the difficult times in your life, which we believe inspires many women to reach out. What advice would you give your 20 year old self if you could?
Thank you so much. When I was 20, I was battling depression and I chose to suffer in silence. In doing so, I wasn’t able to release what I was going through. Sharing your story is letting it go, talking about your pain is reliving it and being vulnerable is how you heal. So my advice to my 20 year old self is learn to be open, honest and authentic in everything you do - even if it hurts. The more you are honest with what you are going through and who you are, the more you know, accept and love yourself. And the more others can too! Telling the absolute truth and living authentically came to be the key to my joy, positive energy, health and success.
Everybody can become overwhelmed and feel anxious at times. What is your advice to help move through this and calm the mind and body?
Definitely! We are all human and we all go through heartache, fears and times of anxiety. Sometimes things go very wrong. This is a part of the human experience. The challenge here is to find your happy place. This is where we connect again with peace, joy and love. For me, this is yoga, meditation, surfing and diving. This is my connection back. But how we cultivate balance as individuals is going to be different for each person. Sometimes it may be going outside into nature, connecting with an old friend or just simply hitting pause and curling up on the couch with your favourite ice-cream. You just have to find your anchor to come back to on the days you feel like you’re being swept away. That place to come home to, time and time again. 
Personal Mantra: Trust that when your intentions are in the right place, you will be taken care of. 
Success Is: Waking up every morning and frothing over what a blessing it is to be alive, to be following your hearts purpose and living your Dharma.
I’m inspired by: Those who fall down, pick themselves up and try again, grazed knees and all. They are my absolute heroes! 
The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: When I moved to Hawaii I took a big risk. I quit uni, quit my job, sold my car and possessions, left my friends and family, packed one suitcase and booked a one way ticket. And…. I fell flat on my face! I returned home with my tail between my legs and heartbroken. It took me a while to realise that this was actually the greatest gift I ever received. Because it lead me to exactly where I’m meant to be all along - right here. It taught me how to trust the process no matter the outcome and to find happiness in every circumstance. 
Wake up time: 5am
Morning Ritual: Wake up, meditation, lemon water.
3 things vital to my day: Finding stillness (usually through yoga). Connecting with gratitude (even on the bad days). Giving (something as small as the gift of attention and asking someone how they are). 
Last thing I do at night: Reflect. Either mentally or in my journal. It’s so important to always be checking back in and allowing the opportunity to evolve. 
Juice: Green Juice
Food: Peanut Butter Acai Bowl
Coffee: Coconut Chai


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