Take flight with AntiGravity Yoga

28/02/2017 4:47 PM

Learn to fly with AntiGravity – the newest workout combining elements of yoga and pilates, all while being suspended from the air with specialised silks which support your weight, and decrease compression in your spine. We sat down with Alexis from InspireCycle in Brisbane, who recently announced their new AntiGravity classes in their huge, bright studio in Teneriffe. Take a leap of faith and be intertwined in the curious and beautiful world of AntiGravity..

 I’m like a bird… I’ll only fly away…  

The closest thing to flying is at your fingertips. Yes, humans can fly now in Brisbane…

Introducing InspireCycle - the destination where anyone can learn the art of aerial yoga - stretch, fly and float through the air while toning the body and calming the mind.

Aside from the amazing benefits of AntiGravity (and the abundance of celebrities who practice this fitness option), you literally walk out of class feeling taller, calmer with a renewed sense of energy.


So what’s the hype all about? AntiGravity offers Beginner, Yoga and Fitness classes 7 days per week suitable for people of all abilities. Ever wanted to experience zero compression of your spine and a feeling of weightlessness?

This is your chance. Move your body in ways that lengthens, strengthens and tones effectively. From gentle classes to dripping-with-sweat muscle burners, AntiGravity has you covered.

InspireCycle is in Brisbane and now offers AntiGravity in their beautiful, huge studio. This state of the art location is light, bright and refreshingly different.

The welcoming environment helps with nerves, (because we all know being upside down is a little scary) and beautiful full service facilities are there for you to shower, touch up hair and makeup, and leave feeling great.


If we have your attention, take a look at their Instagram @inspirecycle for aerial-inspo, and then get booking at Their super experienced Instructors are ready and waiting for you… 

Located at: 76 Commercial Rd, Teneriffe, Brisbane






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