5 Reasons to go on a retreat

8/02/2017 2:06 PM

Ever wondered if a retreat is for you? Ash, owner of Barre Brisbane, recently ran her first luxury retreat in Noosa, and will soon be embarking on her first retreat in Bali in collaboration with Patty Miles from Mana Yoga Retreats. Ash shares her top 5 reasons everyone should try a retreat - not just to relax, but to strengthen your mind, body and soul. Sit back, relax and unwind and by the end of this article you will be dreaming of an escape to a tropical, spiritual paradise. Remember, by experiencing new things, you change yourself..



1. You will gain an appreciation of how hard you work

Letting yourself unwind and truly relax from work is the ultimate gift to yourself. We can all be hard on ourselves, even more so when we are stressed, busy and under pressure. This is actually the most important time to be kind to yourself and exercise self care. After a week at a health retreat you will gain a new appreciation and understanding of yourself and your life. You will leave feeling refreshed, revitalised, and much more aware of how hard you really work in your everyday life.

2.  You will learn at least one new skill

Health retreats often involve new and interesting activities such as yoga, Pilates, barre, bike-riding, meditation, camping in nature, cooking lessons and much more. All of these activities promote health and wellbeing. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, you might consider a retreat that offers Stand Up Paddle Board classes or learn to surf lessons. Take this as an opportunity to try (and perhaps master) a new skill you otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn!

3. You’ll discover more about YOU!

The biggest change and best reason to go on a retreat is the internal lesson of learning more about you. Whether you’re developing your inner strength and independence, learning about your boundaries, overcoming fears, or recovering from hardship, health retreats are a great chance to discover your innermost self beyond everyday life.


4. Reset your relationship with food

We often kick-start our year with healthy eating goals, but many factors in our day-to-day life can impact this. At a wellness retreat, your meals are carefully planned and made with highly nutritious whole foods that fuel your body and mind.  We also tend to eat the same things when at home so it is good to shake our eating habits up.  Just a few days of eating right can reset your habits, so it’s easier for you to make good decisions even after you leave the retreat.

5. Mindfulness

By relaxing, you’re doing your body and mind a huge favour. Getting in some well-deserved R&R not only boosts happiness, it actually makes us more productive. Stress has negative effects on everything from our heart to our awareness, and learning to let go and breathe is a huge part of a wellness retreat. By slowing things down for a week, we replenish and restore our energy, so you’re ready to take on the world once you leave.



Barre Brisbane www.barrebrisbane.com.au/retreats

Mana Yoga Retreats www.manayogaretreats.com.au


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