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Home Workout Mini Series - Part One

9/01/2017 3:28 PM

To help kickstart your fitness journey for 2017, we collaborated with Fatima Wheeler, owner of fitness studio Fit Body Bootcamp on the Gold Coast, to bring you a mini-series of easy at home workouts anyone can try. The first episode features 4 quick workouts and the only equipment you need is a chair! We love Fatima because she is inclusive of everyone - 80% of her clientele are female and she enc...

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sugar free cookie dough protein balls

Sugar Free Cookie Dough Protein Balls

15/12/2016 5:26 PM

Christmas can be a challenging time of year to resist temptation - satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious sugar free cookie dough protein ball recipe by Jessica Cox. Preparation time for these little treats is a mere 10 minutes, and they are made from a handful of natural ingredients which are inexpensive and easy to find. If you're a fudge fanatic, make sure you let your protein balls cool ...

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A Day in the Life of a Dancer

28/11/2016 12:44 PM

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dancer? We sat down with the talented Sammy Butler, a dancer and barre instructor at Barre Brisbane who trained with the Australian Ballet, to explore the world of a dancer. Sammy shares how she originally chose the career of dance, why the transition into becoming a barre instructor, what an average day looks like and the best advice she has ev...

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5 Minute Guide to Achieving Mindfulness

21/11/2016 3:47 PM

In our busy, fast-paced lives it is easy to become overwhelmed with work, social and family commitments, especially in the lead up to the holidays. All of this combined with our reliance on technology and social media means we often find it hard to switch off. This is why it is so important to take time out for ourselves. We looked at simple methods to achieve mindfulness and a healthy headspace i...

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Raw Fig Slice

15/11/2016 11:16 AM

It's coming up to the holiday season and it can be tempting to indulge in all of the treats offered around us, but this can leave our bodies feeling flat after the sugar rush ends. Our new Raw Fig Slice by Hazel & Cacao is healthy, festive and absolutely delicious. The perfect holiday treat, this slice is packed full of nutrients and manages to be healthy too as it contains cashews, figs and hazel...

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Hot Yoga

The Benefits of Bikram Yoga

8/11/2016 4:13 PM

We caught up with Studio Owner and Yoga Teacher at Bikram Yoga North Lakes and Bikram Yoga North Brisbane, Sherry Davis. Sherry shared her inspiring story of how she discovered Bikram Yoga, the benefits to your mind and body, what to expect for your first Bikram Yoga class and why everybody should try it at least once. We also discover the differences between Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga (as they are ...

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Healthy Me

Meet an Active Mum - Part 2

4/11/2016 12:31 PM

Sam is a personal trainer based in Brisbane with an online presence as "The Healthy Me" who offers complete lifestyle coaching to help women live positively and seize each day. This is Part 2 of Sam's blog about what her experience of being an active Mum post-baby has been like (to read Part 1 click here). Sam is a genuine soul who always speaks from the heart, and we really appreciate her sharing...

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Key Lime Pie

Healthy Key Lime Pie

3/11/2016 11:42 AM

This delicious raw vegan recipe is a healthy and zesty alternative to a traditional Lime Cheesecake or Key Lime Pie, usually made with cream cheese. This treat can be kept in the freezer for up to a month so it can be eaten all at once or made in bulk and cut up for mini freezer treats, perfect for the warmer months. Serve straight from the freezer or let it sit for 10 minutes for a mousse consist...

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macadamia shortbread cookies

Macadamia Shortbread Cookies with Almond Meal

24/10/2016 4:24 PM

A guilt free treat that will melt in your mouth, these delicious Macadamia Shortbread Cookies with Almond Meal are sure to satisfy any cookie lover. This tasty recipe was created by Talida Voinea of Hazel and Cacao blog, which focuses on healthy and nutritious plant based recipes. With a background in Biomedical Science, Talida enjoys creating her recipes based on how ingredients affect our bodies...

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Active Mum

Meet an Active Mum

21/10/2016 9:22 AM

Sam is a personal trainer based in Brisbane with an online presence as "The Healthy Me" who offers complete lifestyle coaching to help women live positively and seize each day. We caught up with Sam at one of her fitness sessions in Brisbane to learn more about her and what it's like to have a baby while trying to maintain your own health and fitness. We love Sam because she is a genuine soul who ...

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